About us

ASD Systems is a Polish manufacturer of innovative vending devices. Our mission is to optimize stock management in clients' companies, thanks to the full use of proprietary automated vending machines.

Our vending machines can release all types of products, from health and safety measures to tools and materials auxiliary, for office supplies and consumables - everything that generates in manufacturing companies costs and should be under control.

Both ASD Systems machines and IDS software are created at the company's headquarters in Bielsko-Biała.
Our experience, developed during the implementation of many projects in the field of automatic application distribution, guarantees the selection and implementation of the most optimal solutions.


  • Innovative solutions for all industries - multifunctional dispensing machines
    with a dedicated IDS application
  • 100% Polish production - both dispensing machines and software are created in Poland on a base of original projects by ASD Systems
  • Flexible conditions - the ability to buy or rent a vending machine
  • The combination of a vending machine with an integrated distribution system (IDS application) allows 24-hour release control and constant availability of the products you need.
  • 24/7 access - dispensing products regardless of stock hours
  • Warehouse under control - reduction of warehouse stocks and accurate flow monitoring
  • Reduction of product consumption by up to 50% - thanks to full control of downloads and the possibility of determining limits separately for each employee
  • Immediate generation of reports - the ability to create useful statements for the purchasing department, OHS, controlling and accounting services
  • Simplification of supply organization - constant access to the current state of the stock
  • Time saving - minimizing release handling activities
  • No errors - only employees on appropriate positions can use any product
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