Inventory control allows you to effectively manage the entire enterprise. A well-chosen controlling method also serves to reduce expenses. In the following text we suggest how to effectively control warehouse inventory. We will also examine the importance of such control in the company's logistics and sales activities.

What is inventory control?

In a company, inventory control is maintained by a set of several processes. In practice, control is nothing more than exercising supervision over inventory. Such operations include:

  • classification,
  • recording,
  • replenishment,
  • storage,
  • issuing,
  • tracking.

For example, recording the purchase and sale of products requires the determination of minimum stock and replenishment time. This allows you to achieve a balance between available and released goods.

Warehouse management should be managed by people with a good knowledge of the product range and its quantity in stock. Planning production and other operations is therefore much easier and more precise. As a result, the demand for products is met at a low cost. In addition to this, the employee in charge of inventory control should take into account in his work, among other things, demand forecasting and delivery times in the context of the nature of the business.

Warehouse management and goods receipt and release processes

An organized warehouse makes it possible to track the flow of goods in the facility. Therefore, it is worth taking care of a proper inventory management system that will provide all the necessary information regarding the transported materials. This allows staff to improve the organization of work in the facility, as well as to manage inventory more efficiently. The information obtained relates to both incoming and outgoing items, as well as the use of company resources for production at a given workstation.

Electronic or manual inventory control?

Inventory analysis can be done both manually and electronically. The most common way to do this is through three methods - we briefly describe them below.

  • Manually - an employee physically checks the number of products in stock and then records it. However, this method is flawed and it is easy to make mistakes with it, so it works only in small businesses with a limited number of goods.
  • In Microsoft Excel - the tool allows you to create lists of available goods. The software even has templates for inventory, which effectively facilitate the work. Unfortunately, here data entry is also done manually, so an employee can make mistakes.
  • Through the IDS application - thanks to it, ASD Systems vending machines get real-time information on inventory to best distribute goods to employees. Users have diverse access to the data in the system - all they need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet access. Inventory control in dispensing machines occurs fully electronically, so the risk of error is eliminated.

Inventory control - why is it worth it?

It is certainly worth having full control over the goods flowing through the warehouse. Then all operations are carried out more easily and quickly, so the company's productivity increases. Personnel can also make proper use of available resources and notice excess inventory or shortages more quickly. A smooth response to changing customer demand effectively strengthens the brand image at the same time.

Inventory control with the L40 vending machine

For inventory control, our customers use modern vending machinessuch as the L40. The L40 model holds up to 40 shipments of various sizes. The touch screen and barcode reader make the vending machine easy to use and quick to operate. The equipment can be used by both couriers and company employees. The self-service machine successfully plays the role of a company parcel machine - its simple design makes it somewhat similar to the popular InPost Parcel Machines.

Automatic ordering of goods - GDS system

The great advantage of the L40 vending machine is the proprietary General Device System, which extends the capabilities of the IDS application with the function of placing orders within the company. Through the GDS, employees can place orders directly to a remote warehouse for components needed for production. The warehouseman then transmits the necessary parts to the dispatch machine, from where they are picked up at a convenient time.

Advantages of using the L40 vending machine with GDS include:

  • improving inventory management,
  • automating the ordering process in a large company,
  • speeding up operations,
  • 24/7 access to the warehouse and shipments,
  • elimination of human error.

Inventory management with ASD Systems

Although the L40 vending machine is best suited for inventory management, virtually any vending device in our portfolio can perform this role. We encourageyou to take a look at ASD Systems ' product catalog - we have been improving machines to meet your needs for many years.

If you do not know which vending machine to choose, we will be happy to conduct an audit at your company to match the machine to the needs of your establishment. In addition, we will install the machine and train your employees in their operation. We also provide an attractive option of renting a parcel machine - so you will get acquainted with our solutions and check whether such an investment responds to the problems of the enterprise.


What is inventory control?

Inventory control is the checking of inventory and its analysis, i.e. classification, replenishment, storage, issuance, shipment and tracking of goods.

How do you control inventory levels?

It can be done manually or through Microsoft Excel, but these solutions can be a source of errors. Inventory control in vending machines by IDS application is fully electronic, and therefore - error-free.

Monitoring the flow of goods in vending machines - how does it work?

Modern dispensing machines act as in-house dispatchers for employees and couriers. Self-service vending machines allow quick operation thanks to barcode readers and intuitive touch screens.

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