"Employee" stock (including health and safety, personal protective equipment, tools and equipment, clothing) as well as consumables and auxiliary materials are necessary in every plant. Without them, it is often impossible to work, and this leads to downtime. On the other hand, such stocks take up space and generate considerable costs. Is there any solution? Yes! Optimization of warehouse processes with vending machines from ASD Systems.

Optimization of warehouse inventory with vending machines 

ASD Systems dispensing machines - manufactured in Poland and equipped with proprietary IDS software - enable quick and inexpensive optimization of supply and warehouse processes in enterprises, especially production, service and logistics plants. Vending machines are adapted to dispensing various products - from health and safety articles and protective equipment, through consumables and auxiliary materials, to tools and even office supplies.

Replacing the traditional warehouse and its work (based on a team of people responsible for control, record and inventory distribution) with a network of dispensing machines ensures savings on the level of 50% and constant and automatic monitoring of the flow of all products that are needed in the enterprise and which generate financial costs and losses. 

How it's working?

Production and employee stocks collected maintenance-free

The entire stock can fit in several vending machines - their cells can be configured, stock types and the number of products can be adjusted. This is a huge saving of space, which can be used differently, better! 

The employee receives, for example, his contactless card and uses it to download the product . The machine identifies the employee and allows him to select the necessary articles. An employee collects such products in order to use them later and… that's it - he can return to work. This maintenance-free supply takes seconds!

Vending machines, replacing the traditional warehouse, are available 24 hours a day. The work of a few or a dozen people responsible for procurement is no longer needed, and the entire inventory management can be taken over by even one person !

Control of used materials

Depending on the model and software version, ASD Systems have a lot of different useful functions. One of them is the possibility of labeling, i.e. assigning information to products about their usefulness or expiry date, thanks to which employees use the property entrusted to them well, consciously and responsibly, limiting its consumption. And this, of course, translates into a reduction in supplies and visible savings! 

The second option is to return used and used products to the vending machine . In this way, the procurement manager has an insight into the correct use of warehouse stocks, can control them and optimize their consumption. 

Maximum and minimum inventory - under constant control

Depending on the company's network infrastructure, the machines can be connected to the server via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or GSM modem. 

One device with Internet access is enough and the warehouse manager can use the application to track the availability of products .

Both maximum and minimum stock can be monitored with alerts . If stocks are slowly running out, the employee will receive this information in good time, order and replenish the necessary products . Refilling the machine is instant. Thanks to the use of the drum scanning system, you know exactly where and how many products to put.

Permanent access to stock

Thanks to the IDS application, the person responsible for procurement management has constant access to stock, in real time. 

He knows which products are available and how many there are . He knows what items do not need to be ordered or supplemented and can categorize them as excess stock, and which are worth taking care of now (due to, for example, uncertainty of deliveries) to prevent stock shortages.

Conscious policy of ordering warehouse stocks

The ability to manage warehouse inventory from the application level improves the work of the supplier in many ways. On the one hand, it saves time and eliminates mistakes that occur in traditional distribution and records. On the other hand, it prevents downtime caused by a shortage of supplies. And the third one - it allows you to conduct an informed procurement policy.

Thanks to the constant control of downloads, the manager knows not only which products to order, and which there are too many. He also knows how many products needed to be ordered so that they are used within a certain period of time and do not remain in excess in stock . This system saves a lot of funds - those that were previously "frozen" as an excessive or redundant reserve. 

Restricting access to inventory

Another benefit of the optimization of warehouse processes with ASD Systems vending machines is the ability to limit employees' access to only such assortment items that they need to perform their work.

Therefore, the employee no longer has access to all stocks. He cannot download any other products other than those for which he is entitled to use. This reduces mistake and accidental product pick-ups that later fall behind in an unknown location, but also reduces the misappropriation and misuse of tools and articles.

Limiting the picking of warehouse stocks

In addition, each employee can set a download limit of a given product in a specific period (e.g. a month) from the level of the application for vending machines . Employees must therefore use the property entrusted to them consciously, responsibly and in accordance with its intended purpose. The products are used for a certain period of time, so their consumption is reduced .

Limiting access to stocks and limiting downloads reduce the consumption of employee products by up to a half ! And this already translates into real, considerable financial savings.

Instant settlement of stocks

We have already mentioned that even one person can manage the entire system of vending machines in the warehouse. In addition to constant access to stock and control of product downloads and consumption, the manager has access to a huge database, from which the tool prepares useful statements and reports , useful for e.g. employees of the finance, controlling, purchasing or accounting departments.

When downloading products, each employee can also select an appropriate cost center, e.g. his department, sector or project in which he participates. This, in turn, facilitates settlements between company departments . 



How to reduce your inventory?

Production inventory and articles for employees can be placed in ASD Systems dispensing machines. In this way, the warehouse space is reduced, but at the same time you can limit the employees' access to selected products and set a download limit for them, so the consumption of inventories is reduced and there may be less of them! 

How to control the inventory stock?

With ASD Systems vending machines, the warehouse manager has constant access to stock and controls the flow of products. In the application, it tracks all data about products, downloads and employees, on the basis of which it can, inter alia, calculate the inventory turnover ratio. 

How much can you save with vending machines in stock?

Our calculations show that with ASD Systems vending machines you can reduce your inventory consumption by 50% - and save the same amount of money! It is worth implementing this solution for financial reasons, but also to improve work. 



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