Vending machine for the office - what to put in it?

At ASD Systems, we strive to ensure that our vending machines can support the work of various enterprises - production and industrial plants, institutions, corporations, offices. That is why individual models of our machines have different sizes and number of chambers. In addition, we have developed a solution that allows easy configuration of the chambers inside the machine, thanks to which you can change their size in a few seconds to adapt them to the dimensions of the currently released products . There can be several dozen or even over a thousand of these chambers!

Vending machine with pens? Not only!

Office accessories also come in different sizes - after all, they are both pens and A4 binders. For each product, it is enough to adjust the size of the cell , and the office equipment vending machine will successfully take over the functions of the former storeroom or warehouse, significantly saving space. Various types of products can be placed in it, e.g .:

  • writing accessories (pens, pencils, correctors, highlighters),
  • staplers (and staples), paper clips, punches,
  • envelopes, T-shirts, folders, binders,
  • notebooks, sticky notes, notebooks,
  • printer paper, spare toners,
  • business cards, photo and self-adhesive paper,
  • calendars (book, wall), planners,
  • screen liquids, compressed air, equipment cleaning cloths,
  • computer accessories (flash drives, batteries, disks, mouse pads),
  • stamping articles (stamps, date stamps, pillows, inks).

One vending machine, many possibilities

In special situations, e.g. during an increased epidemiological risk (COVID-19 pandemic or the flu season), personal protective equipment can also be placed in the vending machine next to office accessories . In this way, the employer will provide employees with a sense of security and reduce the risk of spreading infection, and thus an avalanche of sick leaves.

Employees who will have constant access to protective measures will be calmer, and thus their work efficiency will increase. In addition, the ASD Systems vending machine can also be equipped with a machine-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser . Therefore, in addition to office supplies, the vending machine in the office can contain, for example:

  • masks (disposable and reusable),
  • helmets,
  • protective gloves,
  • antibacterial gels.

Vending machines dispensing office accessories save time

Several people are usually responsible for providing office employees with the necessary supplies and equipment. In some enterprises, these are administrative employees, in others, "purchasing agents" specially designated for this task, and in others - a few employees who share a lot of completely different duties with the responsibility for the availability of the necessary accessories in the company.

Investing in vending machines for office accessories solves this problem in two ways. On the one hand, employees who need an item go to the nearest machine and pick up the product they need in seconds. On the other hand, only one person is required to watch over the system of vending machines and replenish them . This employee also saves his time, because he does not have to locate, issue and record articles - all this will be done by the machine for him. Even if he is not present in the office, all employees will still be able to stock up on the necessary products.

How does a vending machine for office accessories work

Office employees have access to vending machines with office accessories 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is especially important in the case of an afternoon or night shift. The operation of the vending machine is intuitive, and it is done with a button panel or a touch screen. It is enough to bring the card (or use a different identifying solution), indicate the product, or mark the cost center immediately (e.g. department, project) and pick up the article . The entire process takes up to a few minutes.

The product download limit is 50% savings

A person who manages the vending machines dispensing office supplies can implement several functionalities that will contribute to savings and time, work and money . New effective solutions are possible thanks to equipping ASD Systems vending machines with proprietary IDS software , which works with a dedicated application, and which can also be integrated with the company's ERP system. 

  • Access to selected products. Each employee may be granted access to only the office supplies needed (due to the position held or the type of work performed). This reduces mistakes and situations in which the unnecessary product only remains in the employee's drawer.
  • Product downloads limit. The system manager can also give all employees a limit of downloads for individual products. As a result, employees use a given item only as intended and for the maximum time, which can generate up to 50% savings on the purchase of office supplies in the company.
  • The quality of office supplies. Directly from the vending machine, employees can also send comments on the quality of the articles they use. This translates into the possibility of implementing a more conscious procurement policy for office products.

Conscious and effective procurement policy in the office

Order fulfillment for office accessories can be effective, efficient and sustainable! The person responsible for supplying the vending machines only needs a device with internet access. 

Using a dedicated application, it can view all the necessary data in the panel - the level of filling of individual vending machines and the number of available products "in the warehouse". He can also set a minimum value for a given product, so he will know when to place the next order . The buyer will order only those products that are already running out, and will not have to search and count them, but will only filter the records accordingly. Thanks to this, there will always be as many office supplies as is necessary in the office.

Office accessories under full control

Managing vending machines in the company can also assign all employees to appropriate cost centers . In this way, efficiently, quickly and above all - without errors - it will provide all billing information to individual departments or projects. This, in turn, will also facilitate work in the finance, controlling and accounting departments and will allow you to precisely estimate the cost that the company should spend on purchasing the necessary office supplies.


Vending machines for office accessories - where will they work?

In every office where dozens or hundreds of people work. Depending on the area of ​​the office and the number of employees, it may be one or more machines.

What can be put in the vending machine in the office?

All the accessories that office workers need to perform their work - from stationery, through printer paper and toners, to stamping gadgets. The ASD Systems automatic machine can be equipped with over a thousand cells for products that can be almost freely configured.

Is it worth buying a vending machine for the office?

Definitely yes! The investment in automation pays for itself quickly, saves time, energy and money. ASD Systems machines can generate up to 50% savings on supplying the office with the necessary accessories. 


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