Automated dispensing machines in aircraft

Vending machines from ASD Systems guarantee effective optimization of any company's inventory management!

Security and control of high-end assortment

At ASD Systems, we know that there is no room for error in the aviation industry! It is in this segment that every element and procedure must be carefully controlled. You can achieve this with industrial vending machines that support the operation of any aviation-related company. With our solution, you reduce the waste of materials, automate production, and increase the security of items - they can only be accessed by logging into the machine.

Advantages of a dispensing machine for aviation


Support of processes in the warehouse and production

Automatic dispensing machines for industry stand out for optimizing processes in these places. With them, you maximize results with little effort.


Increased control over assortment

With a vending machine you gain 100% control over the assortment - only appointed people have access to the products. You prevent their theft and destruction.


Shortening the supply chain

A dispensing machine with the assortment needed for work is "at hand" - the employee receives the product in seconds. There is no need to go to the warehouse, which is located at the other end of the hall.


Savings in transportation and storage costs

Industrial automatic dispensing machines make you optimize space and quantity of products. You also prevent shortages, because the device informs you of impending shortages.

What do you gain with industrial vending machines?

Vending machines from ASD Systems bring many benefits to the aviation sector. By implementing our solution in your company, you will gain...

24/7 access to articles

Vending machines guarantee employees uninterrupted access to necessary items. You don't need a third party to get your item!

Full control over the assortment

With a vending machine , you know exactly who, when and how much product was taken. You eliminate the risk of misuse, and employees gain greater accountability.

Detailed information wherever you are

Our dispensing machines come with our proprietary IDS software, with which you can easily manage your data and gain constant insight into your inventory from your mobile device.

Analysis and concrete data

With the IDS application, you can define, generate and print any reports you want. If necessary, you can export them to a spreadsheet.

Intuitive device

Our industrial vending machines feature a stable and sturdy design, and the system is intuitive for the user - the entire process takes just a dozen seconds!


The use of dispensing machines reduces the costs incurred on excess products. As a result, you save money, and you can invest the accumulated funds in the development of your business.

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