How do dispensing machines streamline office operations?

Equipment from Polish vending machine manufacturer ASD Systems provides uninterrupted access to office supplies. You don't have to worry about your employees running out of such products as pens, paper risks or other stationery items. Vending machines designed to dispense these items are the perfect partner for any office and HR!

Dispensing machine for offices - get up to 1080 new cells for products!

As it is in offices and HR departments, there is no room for mistakes. Such is our D1080 dispensing machine designed to dispense office supplies. The design based on the principle of a rotating drum stores products over its entire surface, ensuring safety and access to them, only for authorized persons.

Thevending machine for offices can store not only stationery items. The cells will also hold such items as paper, stamps, punches, staplers and more. It can also store keys, making the system of issuing them simple and clear. All you need to do is attach a person to the ability to retrieve the product.

Stationery and office supplies with our vending machines are a guarantee of order in a busy environment - check out what our vending machines can do for your business!

What are the benefits of office automation from ASD Systems?

Our automated dispensing machines, whose application is designed for the administrative, accounting and non-administrative segments, solve problems related to the circulation and recording of articles. This allows you to optimize processes and implement solutions such as:

Facilitated access to products

Simplify access to theoffice supplies, peripherals and equipment you need to get the job done. This allows you to access the resources you need outside of IT department working hours.


Impersonal dispensing of needed items such as sticky notes, notebooks or pens - forget about forcibly engaging an employee who has to interrupt his activity!


The issuance of office supplies and the introduction of records of key issuance allow you to know 100% who has taken an item or key. Forget about confusion!


Incorrect downloads and potential misuse by the wrong people or in excessive quantities. The number of items will be issued according to the demand of the position!


Simplify theprocedure - issuing keys, devices and expensive equipment becomes trivial. Our issuingmachines allow you to register the receipt, which makes it easier to document the circulation of items in the company!


Failure to stock up on time. Theabsence of a particular office item is associated with the complication of the activities performed. With our dispensers you are assured that your office staff can handle any activity and your inventory will be perfect.

Check out what ASD Systems can offer your company - contact us to learn more about our products!

Vending machine for offices and more!

Dispensing machines from ASD Systems are the way to keep your business well organized. Leave your details, we'll get back to you!



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