Column cabinets - optimizing warehouse management from ASD Systems

For years, ASD Systems has been providing you with innovative solutions that allow customers' businesses to grow. In our offer you will find column cabinets that are tailored to the needs of each company. Parameters, requirements, the nature of products for vending and more are taken into account. We provide customized devices that improve the work in plants and industrial halls!

Column cabinets from ASD Systems

L40 vending machine - the perfect column cabinet for large items

As a manufacturer of vending machines for dispensing industrial products and more, we have prepared solutions to streamline the dispensing of items. Column cabinets that resemble vending cabinets are based on the L40 vending machine, which stores up to 40 products in a small area.

The vending machine features customizable height lockers. This allows you to customize the machine to meet the needs of businesses, as well as to place bulky products into the vending machine. You will gain confidence that larger items will be in the right places.

What characterizes vending machines from the manufacturer, ASD Systems, is their robust construction and trouble-free, round-the-clock operation. You don't have to worry about dispensing products, because our machine will take care of that. Just loading it is enough for the "magic" to work.

Intuitive operation, safety, business development - this we provide with our column cabinet. The manufacturer of vending machines, that is, our company, makes every effort to ensure that the products presented are not only useful, but also durable. We are well aware that vending machines in some workplaces are subject to mechanical damage and wear and tear. Vending machines from ASD Systems allow long-lasting distribution without worrying about breakdowns.

Automatic L40, which can be allocated for a column cabinet

Why should you have a column cabinet in your company?

Precise downloads per project

With precise intake of materials and tools for a given project, waste and overconsumption can be minimized. Optimal preparation of needed components before starting work saves time and avoids unnecessary costs.

24/7 operation

Avending device such as a column cabinet works around the clock. This means that it operates continuously. With this solution, you do not need to delegate an employee to dispense products. All you need to do is load it yourself, and the machine will take care of the rest.

Adjusting the assortment of the dispensing machine

Thecolumn cabinet can be customized according to the needs of a particular enterprise. Among other things, you can store in it: health and safety items, personal protective equipment and more. Only your imagination and the need for the products in question limit you!

Intuitive product downloads

Vending machineshave a built-in operating system that provides a simple and clear view of the machine's contents. It only takes a few steps to retrieve the product you need. No waiting or filling out circulation documents!

Rugged construction

Thecolumn cabinet is made of durable materials that allow the unit to operate intensively and trouble-free. They improve storage management regardless of the application.

No hidden costs

Regardless of whether the chosen vending machine is for rent or ownership, the contract concluded does not include hidden costs. This means that the entrepreneur knows the price for installing the machine, which makes it easier to optimize operating costs. These are the benefits themselves!

Trust the innovation and see for yourself how the column cabinet improves the operation of your business! See how easy it is!

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