Vending machines:

What are the dimensions of the vending machines?

The dimensions of the automats available in our offer can be checked in our catalog.

How many models of vending machines do you offer?

We offer three types of vending machines, while there are four models: spiral (F80), drum (D810, D1080), cabinet (L40). We also offer a slot machine (C240).

What are the dimensions of the pockets in the vending machine?

The dimensions of the pockets in the machine are available in our catalog.

Does the price of the vending machine change depending on the number of pockets?

No, the number of pockets does not affect the cost of a vending machine.

Are we able to adjust the pocket sizes ourselves?

Yes, cell sizes can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. These changes must be made in the application. If you have problems with the changes - it is best to contact a service technician.

What is the lead time for a vending machine order?

Order processing is up to 21 working days. However, we stipulate that with increased volume of orders, the lead time may be extended.

What is included in the price of the machine?

The price of the vending machine includes: training on how to use the device (including 10 hours of conversation with the Customer Technical Supervisor, Helpdesk), data entry, and a MiFare or Unique reader.

In addition, the post-sale service provides 24 months of warranty if an inspection is performed twelve months after the purchase of the device.

Do you tailor the reader to the customer's preferred solution?

Yes, the readers are adapted to the most common standards. These are MiFare or Unique readers. Access to the device is available via QR code, barcode, and PIN.

Are you charged additional costs in addition to the quoted price?

The answer is: it depends. It is related to variables, such as the amount for the use of IDS applications (purchase of a license or subscription amount) and on installation fees. In the case of the second variable - it is possible to reduce the amount to a symbolic zloty, provided that the requirements are met.

Is it possible to use more than one type of reader in a vending machine?

Yes, it is possible with the help of a QR code reader and RFID card reader.

Can the vending machine be transported horizontally?

No, vending machines are only transported vertically for safety reasons.

How is the charging of vending machines done?

Recharging of drum vending machines is done in two different ways (in the D810 vending machine there are three options): opening the door and through flaps in the door of the vending machine. The third option, available only on the D810, is an innovative drum scanning system that detects where products are loaded. In the PRO version, loading through flaps is added, taking into account the automat's scheme.

How does the product search function work?

Using theproduct search function marked with a magnifying glass icon. Through it, the user can search for the needed item from the list of available items. The assigned products can be filtered.

Am I able to pick up multiple products in one session?

Yes, this is possible with the help of the so-called "product basket". The release of products is done collectively, so you do not need to log in multiple times.

How does the vending machine connect to the network?

Via LAN (fixed IP) or GSM modem.

When are downloaded products assigned to an employee's account?

Products are assigned using the limiting and profiling options. The option is available in the IDS application. They are assigned during intake, and then through product registration they go to the IDS application.

Is there any verification system to confirm the employee's choice of product?

This is the informed retrieval option, available on the D810 and D1080 vending machines. Before retrieving the item, the employee sees the location of the item - all this with the help of a glowing LED. The box does not automatically open. If the product visible behind the plexiglass is not compatible - he can undo the selection, and the item will not be issued.

How are products for refurbishment or recycling presented in the app?

The presentation of products intended for refurbishment and recycling is available through the Labeling function. Through it, you can enter the name of the product and the given event that causes blocking of the option to retrieve the used article. The functionality is only available in the PRO version.

On what basis are products dispensed from the vending machine?

The product available in the vending machine is dispensed by rotating to the nearest location where the item is located. The software calculates the number of turns needed to retrieve the item. This is an energy-efficient solution.

Can we customize the release algorithm to suit our needs?

At this time, we do not foresee the option of customizing the release algorithm to meet the needs of the company. However, depending on the scale of the project, this solution can be considered, depending on the needs of our customers.

Is the vending machine secured against unauthorized access?

Yes, access to the vending machine is possible only for those who have access to the products via access card, PIN code, etc.

How do you get inside the vending machine?

Theinside of the vending machine can be accessed with a key, which protects the inside of the machine from unauthorized access.

Can you program a user's card so that when you apply it to the reader, the display shows the menu in that user's language?

Yes, this is possible with the help of the IDS application, where you can set the language of the employee. With this solution, you can decide in which language messages are displayed.

Can the vending machine be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi?

No, the machine does not have the option to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. There are options to connect the machine to the Internet via: LAN, GSM or a router connected to the automat over LAN.

What is the average power consumption/month for each vending machine model?

Information on the average power consumption per month for individual vending machine models can be found in our catalog.

User Support:

What is the response time to the request?

If you report a defect, our Helpdesk department will accept your request as soon as possible.

If a vending machine breaks down in a remote location, how long will we have to wait for help?

This depends on many factors: the distance, the cost of repair, and the complexity of the fault. However, our service technicians try to help as quickly as possible.

What hours does the support line operate?

Helpdesk department provides support between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m

Can partner employees attend basic training?

There are no contraindications. However, it is best to have leaders during the training who then show the employees all the procedures.

Is there a fee for the training?

It is included in the purchase cost of the device - this is standard procedure during installation.

Can a vending machine be repaired remotely?

If it is not a hardware-related malfunction, most problems with the functioning of the device can be solved remotely.

How long is the warranty valid?

12 months, but it is possible to extend the warranty to 24 months if the vending machine is inspected within the first 12 months.

What is the pricing of repair services after the warranty expires?

This depends on many variables - the complexity of the defect, the cost of spare parts, the service technician's travel, as well as labor.

To what email address and phone number do I need to report machine failures?

Phone number: +48 33 444 00 00
Email address: [email protected]

Please note that it is best to submit an email notification describing the problem before calling.

How long will I wait for the vending machines to be delivered from the time I place my order?

Up to 21 working days. However, we stipulate that with increased volume of orders, lead times may be extended.

Can you program a user's card so that when you apply it to the reader, the display shows the menu in that user's language?

Yes, this is possible with the help of the IDS application, where you can set the language of the employee. With this solution, you can decide in which language messages are displayed.

How many vending machines without OEM display can I connect to a Master machine with display?

Up to 14 OEM devices.

What is the difference between the BASIC and PRO versions of the software?

Forinformation on the differences between the versions,see page 12 in our catalog.

Can products for the vending machine be supplemented by several different suppliers?

As a manufacturer, we see no contraindication. All we need to do is to establish this with the suppliers.

How does the C240 drop-in work?

TheC240 drop box hooked up to the main machine allows the product to be returned. The tosser works by means of a flap that opens automatically - the employee then tosses the article, which goes into the hopper.

What are the benefits of the C240 drop-in?

Benefits of the C240 dumpster: no warehouse litter, recyclability and verification of product status.

Can I order a vending machine in a color other than blue?

You can, it is an additional service.

Can I put my logo and some graphics on the outside walls of the vending machine?

You can, it is an additional service.

Can I put my company logo on the display?

As much as possible - it is possible to put the company's logo on the display.

Can flammable materials be dispensed from a vending machine?

As a manufacturer, we advise against dispensing flammable materials from vending machines, however, if the Health and Safety Executive does not express contraindications - you can.

Can vending machines be installed outdoors?

Automated machines are not suitable for operation outside buildings.

IDS Application:

Is the application included in the price of the machine?

It is not - the price depends on the form of contract. The first option is in the form of a subscription. The price then will depend on the number of MASTER devices. Each device has its own subscription. The second form is related to licensing. The IDS application can be prepared on your own server, and the fee is a one-time fee.

Can I monitor multiple vending machines from one account?

Yes, you can monitor multiple vending machines from one account. However, we offer the possibility to add different companies to the account.

What are the key features of the application?

The key functions of the application are product limitation, report creation and vending machine management from within the application. This allows you to edit the scheme of the vending machine, as well as label the cells and the products inserted into them. For products already in the vending machine - they are marked as "unlabeled."

How can I add employees, products and other information?

Adding employees and products is done through the IDS application in the Imports module.

Is there an option to automatically add a large amount of data?

Yes, there is an option to automatically add a large amount of data to the application.

Is it possible to restrict access to certain features of the application for specific users?

Yes, this is possible because of the role of users. This option is held by the administrator, who can set them, as well as assign access to selected modules.

In what format does the application export data? We are interested in the CSV format.

The application exports data in .csv format by default. However, we recommend you to use data export in .xls and .xlsx formats.

Can reports be automatically generated and uploaded to our FTP server?

Yes, you can automatically generate reports and upload them to an FTP server of your choice.

Can the application be integrated with our SUBIEKT system?

IDScan be integrated through an API (a signed contract is required) or through FTP servers. It is then possible to customize reports for your own needs.

Do we have access to the transactions in real time, or are they displayed with some delay?

They appear in real time, however, in case of changes or synchronization, they may display with a delay. It is worth remembering that the machine records the process and the time will not be changed.

Is the application secure in terms of personal data?

Yes, the application is secure in terms of personal data. This is made possible through the use of servers located in Europe that meet strict standards.

Does the app have the functionality to have the vending machine dispense short-life products first, such as adhesives or medicines?

The application does not have the functionality to release products due to short expiration dates. In this case, it is best to place items from the shortest to the longest expiration date.

Customer Service:

What are the necessary data for the correct installation of the machine?

In order to install the vending machine, we need: a contact to the necessary person who is responsible for the process of installing the device in the company, the network intended for the machine, which depends on the parameters, and the electrical network, which should be adapted to the requirements of the machine. It is also worth preparing a place for the machine, depending on the model purchased.

Information about the requirements and parameters before preparing the environment for the installation of the machine is provided by our Customer Service Office. If the machine is purchased from an operator - the BOK passes the necessary information to the operator, and the operator sends it to the end customer.

Why is it helpful to have physical samples of items to configure the vending machine drum?

Theconfiguration of the drum of the machine is done with the help of physical samples of articles. This is necessary because of the ideal matching of cells for the machine.

What network of service technicians do you have in Poland?

We have an extensive network of field service technicians who travel to any location in Poland.

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