PPE vending machines from ASD Systems - optimum occupational safety!

ASD Systems is a Polish company that has been providing advanced solutions related to automation and optimization of warehouse management for enterprises. In our offer you will find m.in. automatic dispensing machines for health and safety, which allow to increase the level of health and safety in the company. Our devices can be successfully adapted to the needs and nature of the products being dispensed. They can serve as m.in. automatic glove dispensers. This is certainly a way to improve work in the enterprise!

OHS dispensing machine - record capacity in a compact size!

BHP v ending machines are based on our proprietary design, which is the automatic dispensing machine D1080. Innovative solutions allow storing and automatic dispensing of up to 1080 products! The incredible capacity is guaranteed by the use of a rotating drum system, operating in 360 degrees. This means that materials and articles such as gloves, visors, masks or safety glasses are stored throughout the machine.

The health and safety vending machine is an excellent way to optimize inventory management - it works around the clock, unattended. It is a good choice for enterprises with shift work. All you need to do is just load, and the vending machine will take care of the rest.

Intuitive operation and simplicity of operation - this is what we provide through our machines. See the benefits they bring to businesses!

Why install a health and safety vending machine in an enterprise?

Warehouse under control

By monitoring the status of inventory management, you will know immediately about upcoming shortages. H&S vending machines allow you to realize the potential of a given enterprise. Forget about wasted H&S items and downtime!

24-hour service

Our automatic dispensing machine provides round-the-clock operation without the need to delegate a designated person for this activity. All you need to do is load it - the machine will take care of the rest!

Intuitive operation

With the built-in panel and our proprietary system, any employee can handle it! BHP dispensing machines from ASD Systems will guide anyone through the process of dispensing and returning product. It's easy!


With our H&S vending machine , you will plan the amount of products you need and estimate the expenses spent on them. The generated savings can be used for business development or material improvement.

Proprietary operating system

Vending equipment from ASD Systems has a built-in operating system that can be paired with the IDS application. Tracking dispensed materials and products becomes transparent and simple!

Limiting OSH products

With the ability to impose limits on the products dispensed, health and safety vending becomes a good tool for employee control. You gain confidence that abuse is eliminated and employees have enough products.

Health and safety dispensing machines are the very benefits for the enterprise - don't delay your decision! Feel free to contact us and find out how our machines can modernize your business!

Health and safety dispensing machines - the perfect solution for companies!

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