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Vending machines from ASD Systems work well in many situations. One of them is the medical industry, where precision, procedures and security must be at the highest level. Dispensing of the necessary assortment is possible around the clock - all you need is an access code to get what you need from the vending machine in a matter of seconds.

Advantages of dispensing machines for hospitals and laboratories


Savings and transparency in facility spending

The introduction of a dispensing machine into a hospital or laboratory means that the consumption of the necessary assortment is brought to an optimal level. This is pure profit!


Full control over the flow of products

An industrial vendingmachine designed for the medical industry is a solution to increase control over the process of dispensing articles and instruments.


Modern inventory monitoring

The device for vending medical products provides 24-hour monitoring of the warehouse. What's more, if a particular product starts to run out - the dispensing machine will inform you of the situation.


Certainty of issuing the correct products

Automated dispensing machines for hospitals and laboratories make the risk of mistakenly dispensing a given product drop to zero. Forget about a potential mistake!

Benefits of having a vending machine in a hospital.

Protection against unauthorized downloading

A vending machine in a hospital or laboratory provides excellent protection against unauthorized taking of a particular product.

Solid construction

Dispensing machines for hospitals from ASD Systems are robust, and the included software is intuitive to use.

Organized storage at the facility

Everything becomes transparent and simple. The dispensing machine makes the dispensing process simple. What's more, everything is housed in a compact unit.

Accurate warehouse data wherever you are

Our devices have a proprietary IDS application that allows you to define, generate and print any report.

24/7 access to the assortment

Automated dispensing machines for hospitals are the assurance that the necessary products will be available regardless of the time of day or hour.

Better planning - savings of up to 50%!

Self-selling vending machines guarantee optimal inventory in the warehouse. You eliminate potential shortages or excess products in the company's circulation.

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