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Based on years of experience in developing software designed to manage vending machines, we have developed an application designed to manage the entire warehouse. This is StockMate - a revolutionary and independent new generation tool. Manage your warehouse wherever you are!

You don't need a machine, warehousemen or multiple managers - just the app and a smartphone. With StockMate you generate savings of up to 50%! What's more, employees feel more responsible for company resources.

StockMate - for whom is the application intended?

StockMate is a tool that is not limited to a particular group - it's a great choice for companies that employ a dozen people as well as several hundred! It is great for where you want to optimize costs. With our application, you'll streamline warehouse management, reduce the time it takes to pick materials, and make the process of issuing products easier with access codes, limits and assigned roles for employees.

This is a great solution for the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector !

Manage your accesses quickly and intuitively!

In StockMate , we allow users to be divided by role. These are:

  • Administrator - managing the system, granting permissions and tracking product flow,
  • Warehouseman - recording of stock and replenishing them at the point of consumption,
  • Employee - retrieve products from stock or kits after scanning QR codes

What do you gain with the StockMate app?

By implementing the StockMate application , your company gains:

  • Automatic reporting of the company's inventory,
  • Full control of access to the assortment, increasing control over it
  • Conveniently manage inventory management from a mobile device,
  • Increased efficiency in the dispensing process through the use of QR access codes.
  • Maintenance-free, user-friendly storage
  • You will generate savings of up to 50%! You reduce consumption and losses!

Learn how StockMate works for your business today!

Visit our website - click on the application logo and learn more about the application that supports warehouse releases.

IDS - an integrated distribution system for your business!

We include a proprietary IDS application with our vending machines . This tool allows easy data management, as well as fast communication between the server and the dispensing machine. With IDS , you can view detailed information about downloads and current inventory from any web browser. The application is tailored to the specifics and needs of each company, so it can represent all industries.

The combination of the software with the vending device guarantees maximum control over the consumption of items in manufacturing companies. As a result, the quality and efficiency of work in such departments as controlling, purchasing, production and health and safety is increased. What's more, outside the warehouse, the efficiency of employees' activities increases. The benefits alone!

How does our application work?

The application runs on an external server. It provides machines with current, complete operational data on products and their categories, accesses for selected user groups and stock levels. The information is used to distribute goods to employees.

Communication takes place via LAN, GSM or Wi-Fi. The machine, using a dedicated API, communicates with the IDS application, which provides the necessary data, records the transmitted parameters, and watches over the integrity of the system. The connection is encrypted, and each machine - authorized.

TheIDS application allows integration with external systems. We assume that the choice of solution and technology should be made at the stage of analysis of the business problem. Each time we consider the process in terms of the client's indwidual needs. The diagram below shows how we can integrate IDS with an external system.

What functionalities does the IDS application have?

User profiles

With this functionality available in the IDS application , you gain the ability to precisely define access to products for a given group of employees. This will allow you to create specific piece limits, define their duration, as well as the range of products that are covered.

Record Filtering

With this functionality you will gain control over the circulation of each product in your company. You can check each transaction using a filtering system that indicates the product, the time of download and the amount of the item downloaded.

Grouping of transactions

In our proprietary IDS software , you can aggregate transactions for specific products, users or cost center. We also allow you to download a summary of each transaction. This is available as a .csv or .xlsx file (format for Microsoft Excel applications).

The IDS application allows...

... management of individual products and their categories, companies and distributors, employees, RFID cards, system users and machines.

... defining, generating and printing any reports. All this from within the IDS application!

... gain constant insight into inventory, so that every transaction is monitored.

... automatically transmit system status information to designated people. Forget about downtime!

Learn more!

Write to us and learn more about the operation of
vending machines in your business!



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