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ASD Systems has been offering you innovative solutions that allow entrepreneurs and their companies to grow for many years. In our offer you can find dispensing machines which are tailored to the needs of customers.

We present you with our tool cabinets, the parameters of which are tailored to the requirements and nature of a particular enterprise. Dispensing machines, personalized for issuing and returning tools, are a certainty of optimization of warehouse management in any company! We invite you to learn about their properties and the benefits they bring.

Tool cabinet - the perfect partner in any industry

Thevending machines manufactured by ASD Systems are a modern, innovative solution for any business segment. Their use is tailored to the needs of each enterprise. In the case of metal tool cabinets, they are perfect for manufacturing, welding, machining, as well as in the broader automotive industry.

Our vending equipment is the certainty of streamlined inventory management and transparency of product circulation. Forget about abuse, shortages and waste of items. With our tool cabinets , power tools, tools, as well as parts for them will be stored in designated areas and safe from theft. This is all thanks to the card access solution, which you scan through their reader!

Metal tool cabinet - MRO dispensing has never been so easy!

Our solutions mean certainty of distribution, regardless of the situation in the enterprise. Vending machines operate around the clock, ensuring uninterrupted supply of items needed to do the job due. All the storekeeper has to do is load the products into the machine - the machine will take care of the rest. In our proprietary IDS application, you can assign the number and category of items to be dispensed. This gives employees proficiency - they gain responsibility for the designated number of items for a given period, and the employer is assured that nothing will go to waste!

The selection of the needed item is done via a touch panel. The employee through the assigned categories can find the product - the machine prepares it in a flash. Thanks to the option of informed retrieval, there is no option about a mistake! The vending machine makes sure through the action of the employee that everything has been done correctly.

Vending machines from ASD Systems - related services

In the offer we have prepared for tool cabinets, we provide service of the highest quality. Our Technical Supervisors will assist you in the installation process of the vending machine - they will help you choose the optimal size of the lockers or chambers in the drum. Installation takes place within 21 working days.

We also guarantee ten-hour technical support via telephone. We assure you that we will not leave you in the lurch. Our dispensing machines are the certainty of reliability. Nevertheless, in case of unforeseen situations or malfunctions - Helpdesk is there to help. Just an email or a phone call is enough for our specialists to take care of the complex repair. It does not take more than 12 hours!

Weinvite you to contact us - we will find the perfect offer for you!

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