What makes vending cabinets an attractive solution for businesses?

It is a trivial answer - they optimize the work in any enterprise! ASD Systems, a Polish manufacturer of vending machines, has been providing you with advanced solutions that enable the development of customers' businesses for years. Vending cabinets are a very important part of our offer. The equipment by ASD Systems can be customized according to your needs and the nature of the products dispensed. We invite you to learn more about the features and applications of these dispensing machines.

Vending cabinets - tailored to every size

Our proprietary solution is based on the L40 vending machine. The self-service machine has the ability to store up to 40 products of different sizes. Thanks to the ability to adjust the caches in height, there is an option to accommodate bulky items. The vending cabinet, which meets health and safety requirements, provides access to articles for designated people. You will gain certainty of circulation thanks to the access card reader, as well as eliminate unauthorized access to items.

Vendingequipment, such as the cabinet, is intuitive to use. Every effort is made to ensure that every employee understands the processes involved in dispensing the product. With informed retrieval, the risk of mistakes is eliminated. Optimizing inventory management with our vending cabinet is incredibly easy and profitable!

We assure you that our vending machine works around the clock. All you need to do is perform the loading and the machine will take care of the rest.

What are the benefits of vending cabinets?


Thevending cabinet allows youto provide articles to each employee around the clock - just the loading itself, and the rest will be taken care of by the device. Its operation is uninterrupted.


Thanks to vending machines specially prepared by ASD Systems, employees do not have to interrupt important activities. The dispensing of the product is impersonal - other departments in the company can pick up the needed article without a third party.


Close control and monitoring of product consumption allows you to identify potential areas of savings. This allows you to make informed decisions on purchasing and use of materials, which affects the financial efficiency of your company.


Anyone can handle its operation! The built-in operating system in the L40 dispensing machine presents all information in an intuitive way. Conscious downloading ensures that the employee will not make a mistake during the dispensing process.


Your employees no longer have to worry about waiting for the product to be dispensed - our vending cabinet does it on the spot! The dispensing is recorded in the system, eliminating the need to fill out circulation paperwork!


With thedispensing machines, each employee has access to information about the contents of the caches. In case of shortages, they can have a delegated person load them. You will gain confidence that the distribution machine, m.in. health and safety products , will not run out of items

Vending machine- in the price of this device you get not only a durable machine, but also optimization that brings savings. Feel free to contact us to learn more!

You are getting closer and closer to your vending cabinet!

Leave a message - we'll get back to you! With a vending machine from ASD Systems, you can rest assured that your business operations remain uninterrupted!



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