Why are IT automations the future of business?

Optimizing inventory management makes life easier and introduces an orderly work environment. You will achieve this with our industrial automatic dispensing machines for IT. With this solution, the company gains confidence that resources and inventory are being used correctly. Our automatic dispensing machines are the assurance that departments related to broad IT will streamline their operations. Issuing products to employees and returning them becomes child's play. Trust in innovation - see what conveniences IT vending machines from ASD Systems offer!

Automated IT L40

IT vending machine - capacity for gabar devices

TheIT vending machine is a design based on the L40 box machineby ASD Systems. The self-service machine has the ability to store up to 40 products of various sizes. Thanks to its height-adjustable lockers, it can accommodate articles of large sizes. You will gain confidence that computers, computer cases and printers, including laser printers , will be in a safe place.

It is also possible to equip the vending machine with 230V outlets. With this solution, you will gain confidence that work equipment such as smartphones, tablets with keyboards will be charged and ready for use.

That's not all! IT vending machines can also store minor items that are very necessary for the operation of the enterprise. All USB cables, computer mice, as well as any peripherals will fit perfectly in the lockers specially designed for them. Their collection is without the need to use a person delegated to the task - all you need is the code or card itself. Our vending machine will take care of the rest!

What are the benefits in the industry that our IT automation brings?

Better organization

Thanks to ASD Systems ' specially prepared IT automations, employees in this industry do not have to interrupt more important activities. The release of the product is impersonal - other departments in the company can pick up the needed item without a third party.

Saving time

Your employees no longer have to worry about waiting for a product to be issued - our IT machine does it on the spot! The release is recorded in the system, eliminating the need to fill out circulation documents!

Stock monitoring

With vending machines dispensing to IT, the department has access to information about the contents of the boxes. In case of shortages, they can have a delegated person load them. You will gain confidence that your company will not run out of computer mice, keyboards and other devices!

Intuitive operation

Anyone can handle its operation! The built-in operating system in the L40 dispensing machine presents all information in an intuitive way. Conscious downloading ensures that the employee will not make a mistake during the dispensing process.

24/7 access

A vending machine designed for IT allows you to provide articles around the clock - you just need to load it yourself, and the rest will be taken care of by the machine. Its operation is uninterrupted.

Easy planning

Thanks to the generated reports, potential expenditures can be planned more easily - the chance of making an accurate purchasing decision increases.


Broken devices are received immediately, which affects their service. With this solution, it is easier to get a spare smartphone, computer or laptop.

Make your IT-related enterprise spread its wings! IT automations are a guarantee of optimization of warehouse management and the possibility of gaining funds that can be used for the development of the company. See how easy it is and convince yourself of the operation of the dispensing machine today!

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