Vending machines - Slovenia. Why is it a good choice?

It's trivial - vending machines are a simple way to increase warehouse efficiency and work in a modern style. The design of our equipment designed for vending has been carefully thought out - all with the aim that the machines can respond to the problems found in any organization.

Automatic dispensers are a great choice for places where optimization and reduction of excessive costs is a very important aspect. What's more, they eliminate the risk of downtime, a long dispensing process, and involving third parties to work on them. Our machine will take care of everything!

What are the distinctive features of dispensing machines from ASD Systems?

Our automatic dispensing machines are the certainty of optimizing warehouse management and, consequently, enterprise costs. The solution guarantees a reduction in the consumption of necessary articles, as well as the elimination of the risk of unplanned downtime. Vending machine - business with it becomes predictable and automated.

How to install a dispensing machine from ASD Systems? Nothing more difficult - before this process, we assign you a Customer Technical Supervisor, whose task is to collect the necessary information. Once the details are completed, we proceed with the actual process. After everything is done, we deliver the vending machine to the designated location, and train the designated employees on how to use it!

We also offer service facilities of the highest quality. Field service technicians are available to repair the device in case of any problems. They are not limited by location - they will reach such places as Ljubljana, Novo mesto, Koper, Celje, Maribor or Murska Sobota. After receiving a request to the Helpdesk platform (they are available on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm), they can proceed, having arranged a given date in advance.

Vending Machines - Slovenia. An innovative solution for entrepreneurs - check it out today!

Vending machines - Slovenia. Benefits for entrepreneurs:

  • Save time - forget about long waits of employees for products. The vending machine will deliver them in just a dozen seconds!
  • Optimization of enterprise expenses - our solutions enable accurate estimation of consumed items, which prevents waste.
  • 24/7 access to products - employees can retrieve the products they need for work no matter what time of day!
  • Impersonal operation - vending machines from ASD Systems work without the participation of people. All you need to do is load it yourself and the machine will take care of the rest!

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