Automatic dispenser D1080


Key features:

  • 24/7 access
  • Up to 1080 different products
  • barcode reader
Automatic dispenser D1080

Description of the D1080 dispensing machine

The D1080 automatic dispenser is a device that combines capacity with compactness. It allows storing up to 1080 products in a small area. Its operation is based on the principle of a rotating drum, which has several rows of dozens of segments. The vending machine has a built-in 10-inch touch screen, guaranteeing intuitive operation of the device.

Parameters of the D1080 dispensing machine

Height [mm] 1950
Width [mm] 1095
Depth [mm] 1095
53 x 80mm 1080
80 x 80mm 720
160 x 53mm 540
240 x 53 / 160 x 80 / 80 x 160mm 360
240 x 80mm 240
160 x 160mm 180
240 x 160 mm 120
Operating temperature [°C] 5 - 40
Weight [kg] 400
Current consumption [W] 15 (standby) // 100 (distribution)
Voltage [V] 230 / 1A
Permissible load with basic drum configuration [kg] 185

Features of the D1080 dispensing machine

The D1080 vending machine from ASD Systems is a specialist in storing products - all thanks to its capacity. What's more, loading them is not a problem - the dispensing machine allows you to do it in two ways: by opening the door with a key, and also through flaps in the door of the vending machine.

Available versions of the D1080 dispensing machine: BASIC / OEM / PRO.

What do you gain with the D1080 vending machine?

  • Optimal warehouse management - efficient release of products and control of available stock!
  • Space - The D1080 is distinguished by its compact size.
  • Continuous product availability, as the device can operate 24/7!
  • Adapting the machine to your needs is simple and intuitive thanks to the ability to configure its cells.

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