Automatic dispenser D810 Neo

D810 NEO

Key features:

  • 24/7 access
  • Up to 810 different products
  • Built-in inventory assistant
Automatic dispenser D810 Neo


Optimization of warehouse management at the highest level!

New generation - even better spending


Introducing the latest generation vending machine - D810 Neo. The solutions used make the warehouse a modern command center. It allows you to store up to 810 different items in a small area. Each device has a 15.6" display, which makes the operation of the dispensing machine intuitive and intelligent.

What's new in the D810 Neo?

In the D810 Neo dispensing machine, we have applied the latest technologies that make the machine work even faster and more efficiently! The machine includes facilities such as:

  • Inventory automation - this makes it easier to track inventory, which optimizes the company's operations,
  • Dispensing products without power - the latest generation of vending machines allows distribution for at least 15 minutes in case of power failure,
  • Code reader - each version of the D810 Neo vending machine has a built-in QR code reader, making it easy to identify products.
  • Surge control - the latest technologies allow to monitor and regulate the voltages of energy supplied by suppliers. This eliminates the occurrence of any failures caused by this,
  • 15.6" display - better readability and more intuitive operation

Technical specifications of the D810 Neo

Height [mm] 1950
Width [mm] 795
Depth [mm] 795
50 x 80 mm 810
75 x 80mm 540
50 x 170 mm 405
150 x 80 / 75 x 170 / 50 x 270 mm 270
75 x 170 mm 180
150 x 170 mm 135
150 x 270 mm 90
Working temperature [°C] 5 - 40
Weight [kg] 400
Current consumption [W] 15 (standby) // 100 (distribution)
Voltage [V] 230 / 1A
Permissible load with basic drum configuration [kg] 500

Features of the D810 Neo dispensing machine

The automatic dispensing machineD810 Neo has an impressive capacity of the device is obtained thanks to the function of adjusting the chambers in width and height, in 9 configurations. The shelves can be of different sizes. The easy change of settings allows each time to adjust the capacity of the vending machine to the current operating needs.

The D810 Neo vending machine is probably the only vending machine in the world with a built-in inventory assistant.

The D810 Neo automatic dispenser is available in: OEM/BASIC/PRO.

What do you gain with the D810 Neo vending machine?

  • Orderly inventory management - control over the assortment in the room increases
  • Dispensing 24/7 - you are not limited by the time of day, the machine works around the clock
  • Flexibility - The D810 Neo dispensing machine can be configured to meet the needs of the company.
  • More storage space - the vending device is only 80cm wide.

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