Automatic dispenser F80


Key features:

  • 24/7 access
  • Up to 80 different products
  • Barcode reader
Automatic dispenser F80

Description of the F80 dispensing machine

We present a self-service machine that can dispense up to 80 different types of products. The F80 vending machine is distinguished by its design based on spring feeders. This makes it possible to store a very large number of products in a small area. A barcode reader can be attached to the machine, as well as an OEM typedispensing machine, which does not have a user panel

Technical parameters of the F80 dispensing machine

Height [mm] 1920 / 1920
Width [mm] 900 / 1160
Depth [mm] 900 / 900
6 places in a row 480 products
9 places in a row 720 products
12 places in a row 960 products
15 places in a row 1200 products
18 places in a row 1440 products
24 seats in a row 1920 products
Operating temperature [°C] 5 - 40
Weight [kg] 350 [bez panelu] / 357 [z panelem]
Current consumption [Watt] standby: 12 / distribution: 25
Voltage [V] 230 / 1 A
Permissible load [kg / na półkę] 25

Features of the F80 dispensing machine

The F80 vending machine from ASD Systems has an impressive loading capacity. This is all thanks to the use of different spring winding. It can be fitted with up to 8 shelves, and each shelf holds 10 units. The configuration can be easily changed, allowing you to adjust the capacity of the vending machine to the current operating needs of your business each time.

Available versions of the F80 vending machine: BASIC / OEM. Possibility to put plexiglass in the door.

What do you gain with the F80 vending machine?

  • Orderly inventory management - you gain control over the company's assortment,
  • Round-the-clock dispensing of products - you are not limited by the time of day, the machine works 24/7,
  • Flexibility - the F80 v ending machine can be configured to the current needs of the enterprise,
  • Compactness - the vending machine takes up very little space!

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