T10 warehouse terminal


Key features:

  • 24/7 access
  • 10" screen
  • Barcode reader
T10 warehouse terminal

Description of the T10 warehouse terminal

Meet the solution created for intuitive and fast warehouse management – Warehouse Terminal T10! Thanks to it, the record of items that do not fit in vending machines becomes simple!

Our device allows you to control the flow in the warehouse, as well as virtualize the room. The ten-inch display provides comfort for employees, as well as warehouse workers. The device can be accessed from anywhere on Earth - all you need is a device with Internet access itself.

The warehouse terminal is compatible with any WMS system located in the company.

Parameters of the T10 storage terminal

Width [mm] 250
Height [mm] 478
Depth [mm] 110
Operating temperature [°C] 5 - 40
Weight [kg] 7
Current consumption [Watt] 15
Voltage [V] 230V / 1A
Way of connecting to the Internet LAN

Functions of the T10 warehouse terminal

The T10 Warehouse Terminal streamlines the work of any warehouse. Its compact size allows integration wherever you need it! With the device:

  • Simplified record-keeping with the terminal becomes simpler and greener. Information is transmitted immediately.
  • Ordering shipments between companies - with the device you can manage them. Collection is done in vending machines - for this purpose the L40 vending machine will be ideal.
  • Warehouse space virtualization - records and flow control closed in the device. You can verify the status of bulky products from the device!

Benefits of owning a T10 Warehouse Terminal

The T10 Warehouse Terminal introduces such benefits to the enterprise as:

  • Transparent product workflow - the device records the moment an item is picked up,
  • Preventing the occurrence of losses and over-supply - the T10 terminal provides insight into the assortment status. This allows you to optimize the commodity process in the warehouse,
  • Room virtualization - recording and controlling the flow of company resources,
  • Generate reports and printouts needed in the work of the enterprise - automate administrative and business processes.

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