Vending machine C240


Key features:

  • Auxiliary device (OEM)
  • to 240 litres
  • 24/7 access
Vending machine C240

Description of the C240 vending machine

The presented C240 vending machine an auxiliary device (OEM), which works with BASIC/PRO version of dispensing machines from ASD Systems. This means that it can only be controlled by the main device.

The C240 vending machine can accept products of any type with a total capacity of up to 240 liters. The machine is designed to collect used products, materials or articles for renovation - this allows you to take care and protect the environment.

Intuitive management is provided through a user panel installed in the main machine. A video system based on an internal camera is installed in the unit. Thanks to this solution, it allows accurate registration of returned products, and its operation is independent of the device.

Inside the C240 vending machine there is a container with a capacity of 240 liters, allowing the collection of used or to be renovated products in a quick, easy and ergonomic way.

The device has an automatic flap opening. This solution allows intuitive use of the dumpster. This makes it user-friendly to perform activities such as return. The C240 vending machine has a "return product to retrieve a new one" option, which ensures 100% control over releases and returns. If the previous product is not returned - the device will not issue the product in question.

Each main dispensing device allows the connection of up to 14 C240 vending machines.

Technical parameters of the C240 vending machine

Width [mm] 700
Height [mm] 1890
Depth [mm] 700
Capacity [l] 240
Operating temperature [°C] 5 - 40
Humidity up to 70%

Features of the C240 vending machine

The collector-type device is a well-thought-out design that supports the operation of many industries. Segregation of such waste as medical, industrial, hazardous becomes intuitive, safe and, most importantly, is under control. Only designated people have access to the inside of the unit. This eliminates the risk of unwanted situations.

What features does the C240 dumpster have ?

  • The C240 vending machine accepts products of any type,
  • The C240 is compatible with vending machines from ASD Systems,
  • Intuitive operation - the user, thanks to the automatic flap opening function, knows the moment to return the product,
  • Large capacity - the container inside the unit can store products with a total capacity of up to 240 liters
  • Compact size - the vending machine will fit anywhere thanks to its dimensions. It does not need a lot of space for it to work!

Benefits of introducing the c240 vending machine

The introduction of a device designed to collect returned products is associated with a number of benefits that significantly affect warehouse management. Among them we can mention:

  • One hundred percent control of product circulation from pick-up to return in conjunction with a vending machine,
  • Greater concern for the environment - the dumpster can act as a collector for used products
  • Effective segregation of natural resources - one machine can be used to collect a designated type of product,
  • Tidy workspace - implementation of a vending machine reduces disorder in the warehouse. All used articles go into one container.

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