The F80 is a self-service machine which automatically dispenses up to 80 different types of products. Based on spring feeders, it allows you to store very large quantities of products in a small space. Intuitive management is provided via a touch screen. Product loading is quick and easy. The F80 can be connected to a barcode reader and an auxiliary machine without a user panel.

Different types of springs on products

The impressive loading capacity of the device is obtained thanks to the possibility of using different types of spring winding in as many as 36 configurations. It offers the possibility of installing up to 8 shelves, with 10 springs available for each, which can be combined in pairs for larger products. The configuration of the springs is unlimited, as single and double springs of different sizes can be installed on a single shelf at the same time. The easy change of settings allows the capacity of the machine to be adapted to the current operating requirements. In addition, the shelf is equipped with sliding blocks, inner spring slides, and various partition heights which make it possible to dispense products with different geometries and packing patterns.

Vending machine can be offered together with

Dedicated lock with one universal key

The pin lock of the renowned Baton company ensures the opening of multiple machines with a single key, effectively protecting against opening with a universal key. The lock is made of high quality steel.

Barcode reader

The barcode reader allows even the most damaged codes to be identified thanks to the reading improvement software. It is a high quality, multi-line (18 scanned lines) laser scanner designed to work in a vertical position. It is designed for built-in use. It is ideal for identifying products being loaded and those taken from vending machines.

Protective pipes

The protective tubes form a barrier to protect the sides of the vending machines from being hit by trolleys and other vehicles in the warehouse halls. The robust steel construction provides effective protection. The tubes are fixed to the sides of vending machines with the use of screws in the technological pre-drilled holes. The construction is powder-coated in bright colors or otherwise according to individual needs.


Boxes for small products for vending machines D1080 and D810 are available in three widths. Ideal for small products such as screws, nuts, etc. The boxes prevent them falling out when the drum is rotating and make them easier to remove from the machine.

Rubber pad to protect products from scratching for vending machines

The pad is flexible and therefore protects the product from damage during product taking and especially during tool return and loading. The soft padding allows you to place products in the machine without fear of scratching them and, thanks to the cut-outs in the sponge, the pad adheres perfectly to the surface.

230V internal installation

Internal installation available for the L40ME vending machine. Thanks to the special construction of the rear of the vending machine, we have the possibility to install boxes with 3 modules depending on the needs.

Drum Scanning System

The drum scanning feature can reduce loading times by up to 50%. It is available for the D540 and D810. It is possible to install the system in an existing machine.

Router and GSM modem

Wherever a wired LAN network cannot be easily installed, the machine can be connected to the local network via Wi-Fi.

Warranty extension

An extensive warranty extension offer allows for the extension of the protection for up to 6 years (for the parts only). The all-inclusive protection variant covers the repair of vending machines by authorized service technicians with a guaranteed response time of up to 24 hours.

Technical parameters

Height [mm] 1920 2408
Width [mm] 900 1160
Depth [mm] 900 1020
6 480
9 720
12 960
15 1200
18 1440
24 1920
Operating temperature [°C] 5 - 40
Weight [kg] 350 357
Current consumption [Watts] standby: 12 / distribution: 25
Voltage [V] 230 / 1 A
Permissive load [kg] (per shelf) 25
  left, right 6 86
Miejsce na rysunek techniczny. left, right 9 58
left, right 12 44
left, right 15 35
left, right 18 29,5
left, right 24 22

Product Details



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