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The D810 is a self-service machine that automatically dispenses up to 810 different products. Based on the principle of a rotating drum, it allows you to store a large number of items in a small space. The screen with 15 touch buttons in the basic version or the touch screen in the premium version provides intuitive management. Loading products is easy and quick thanks to the patented chamber scanning system. A barcode reader and an auxiliary machine without a user panel can be connected to the D810 machine.


The device's impressive load capacity is achieved thanks to the width and height chambers adjustment
function in 9 configurations. The shelves can have different sizes. Easy change of settings allows each time
adjusting the capacity of the machine to current operational needs.
The machine is available in a version with a user panel and without a user panel.

Version 1

In the first, loading takes place through the open door. It is ideal when replenishing large quantities of t he same type of products.

Version 2

The second option is recommended for items of various types, loaded by the flapsin the automatic door.

Version 3

The third way is an innovative drum scanning system that automatically detects places where have been loaded into the machine.
  BASIC version PRO version
Prioritizing issues
Automatic notifications
Intelligent Dispense function

Additional assortment

Dedicated lock with one universal key

Pin lock from the reputable Baton company ensures opening of many machines with one key, effectively protecting against opening with a universal key. The lock was made of high quality steel.

Barcode reader

The barcode reader enables the identification of even the most damaged codes thanks to the reading improvement software. This is a high quality, multi-line (18 scanning lines) laser reader, adapted to work in a vertical position. It is intended for building in. Ideally suited for identifying charged products and those that are taken from dispensing machines.

Protective pipes

Protective pipes from a barrier protecting the sides of the machines against hitting trucks and other vahicles in t he warehouse halls. Durable steel construction provides effective protection. The pipes are mounted to the sides of the machines in t echnological holes, previously prepared with screws. The structure is powder painted in bright colors or otherwise - according to individual needs. 



For small products available in three widths.


Drum scanning system

The drum scan function reduces loading time by up to 50%. It is available for D540 and D810 machines. It is possible to install the system in a currently operating machine.


Wi-Fi modem

Wherever it is not possible to easily install a LAN cable network, the machine can be connected to a local network using a Wi-Fi interface.


Warranty extension

The extensive warranty extension offer allows you to extend your protection up to 6 years (for parts only). The all-inclusive option covers the repair of vending machines by authorized service technicians with a guaranteed response time of up to 24 hours.


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Technical parameters

Height (mm) 1915
Width (mm) 805
Depth (mm) 790

50 x 80 mm 810 75 x 80 mm 540 50 x 170 m 405
150 x 80 mm lub 75 x 170 mm lub 50 x 270 mm 270
75 x 270 mm 180
150 x 170 mm 135
150 x 270 mm 90
Working temperature[°C] 5 -40 Weight [kg] 400
Power consumption [Watt] standby: 15 / distribution100 Tension[V] 230 / 1 A
Permissible load with basic drum configuration [kg] 324
810 80 50 275 10
540 80 75 275 15
270 80 150 275 30
405 170 50 275 10
270 170 75 275 15
135 170 150 275 30
270 270 50 275 10
180 270 75 275 15
90 270 150 275 30

The product is compatible with the IDS application

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