An innovative solution for virtualization of your warehouse

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The Warehouse Terminal is a solution created for intuitive and fast warehouse management.

It allows you to easily virtualize the warehouse, accurately reproduce the entire room. The 10-inch display provides work comfort for employees downloading products and warehouse-man issuing them.

»Quick reflection of the actual warehouse storage space

»Intuitive and transparent interface

»Quick login and ordering products by an employee

»Limiting products for individual employees

»Remote management from any device with internet access

»Generating the necessary reports and printouts

»Access to the download history of individual employees

»Checking expiration dates and product limits

»Possibility of integration with any WMS system in the company


On your company’s premises, there is a warehouse with BHP (and other) items. The warehouse-man is responsible for issuing them. A Warehouse Terminal was implemented in the room, which accurately refl ects the entire interior. All wardrobes and shelves have been virtualized and moved to the IDS application in the X, Y, Z space.Each employee who selects products from the list via the Warehouse Terminal creates an order with the option of printing with a QR code. When preparing the order, the warehouse-man checks its compliance with the actual state, and in case of non-compliance – makes corrections.When issuing products from the warehouse, the ordering employee confi rms the compliance of the collected items with the order issued by the warehouse-man.

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Terminal T10 PL

Terminal T10 EN

Height [mm] 457
Width [mm] 250
Depth [mm] 91


Operating temperature [°C] 5 - 40
Weight [kg] 5
Electricity consumption [Watt] 15
Voltage [V] 230 / 1 A
Way of connecting to the internet LAN
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