Spiral automated machine for unique solutions

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Based on ejectors and it thus enables clients to store a large volume of goods with in a small area. Intuitive management is provided by a screen with 15 touch buttons. Loading pro-ducts is fast and easy. To the machine F80, you can connect a bar code reader and an auxiliary machine without a user panel.


The impressive capacity of the machine is achieved through the possibility of using various types of spring winding in up to fi ve stroke confi gurations. Pos-sibility to mount up to 8 shelves, with 10 springs each, which can be combined in pairs for larger products. The spring confi guration is unlimited, one shelf in pairs for larger products. The spring confi guration is unlimited, one shelf may include single and double springs in diff erent sizes at the same time. Easily regulated compartments enable clients to adjust the capacity of the machine to meet a clients current needs whenever necessary.

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Height [mm] 1915
Width [mm] 900
Depth [mm] 895


7 560
8 640
10 800
17 1360
23 1840


Operating temperature [°C] 5 - 40
Weight [kg] 350
Electricity consumption [Watt] stan czuwania: 15
Voltage [V] 230 / 1 A
Permissible load [kg] 25


left, right 7
left, right 8
left, right 10
left, right 17
left, right 23
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