We combine multifunctional industrial vending machines

with a dedicated IDS application for them.

Reduces storage costs by up to 50%.


Combining the software with a dispensing machine provides maximum control over the consumption of items in manufacturing companies. As a result, there is an increase in the quality of work in the purchasing, production, OHS and controlling departments in the warehouse and among the employees themselves.

1 + 1


There are many food and beverage vending companies on the market, and while water dispensers, coffee machines or vending machines with cold drinks and snacks are a nice nod to employees, we offer something much more practical for both the employees themselves and the company as a whole.

Our ASD Systems vending machines are modern, "smart" warehouses for, for example, OHS items, MRO supplies, office accessories or protective and hygiene products. Instead of the traditional procurement process, which requires all-day availability of warehousemen, manual recording and inventory of products (which causes confusion and often work stoppages) and a complicated process of ordering items, we propose a system of self-service vending machines with IDS management application, tailored to the individual needs of our client.

The company's employee is given a proximity card (or other identification solution) - he uses it, indicates the production order during retrieval, and the place where the MPK cost arises can assign itself automatically, further selects and picks up the needed product. The dispensing machines are available around the clock, and the entire picking process takes a few seconds.

The system manager gets access to the IDS application, which allows him to monitor stock levels in real time, receive alerts on minimum product numbers in the machine and optimize distribution. He can m.in. assign products or groups of products to individual employees based on their positions and assign limits to their downloads. It also has constant access to distribution records, which are automatically maintained on an ongoing basis by dispensing machines.

An organized warehouse makes it possible to track the flow of goods in the facility. Therefore, it is worthwhile to ensure that an appropriate inventory management system is in place to provide all the necessary information on the materials being transported. This allows staff to improve the organization of work in the facility, as well as to manage inventory more efficiently. The information obtained relates to both incoming and outgoing items, as well as the use of company resources for production at a given workstation.

For inventory control, our customers use modern vending machines such as the L40. The L40 model holds up to 40 shipments of various sizes. The touchscreen and barcode reader make it easy to use and operate the vending machine quickly. The equipment can be used by both couriers and company employees. The self-service machine successfully serves as a company's parcel machine - the simple design makes it somewhat similar to the popular InPost Parcel Machines.

– Optimization of inventory in the warehouse. The use of automatic machines makes it possible to reduce inventory and the warehouse area itself. Thanks to the management system, the plant's warehouse is under full control.

No mistakes and downtime in the work. Employees use only the products they need, and the manager receives alerts related to out-of-stock. Vending machines are self-service and available around the clock.

– Saves time, labor and money. The system is managed by one person, and the time spent organizing supplies is reduced as much as possible. Thanks to download limits, product consumption is reduced - even by half.

At every stage of the operation of the ASD Systems vending machine, you can count on our full assistance and efficient service. The Helpdesk responds as soon as possible after receiving the request. The implementation of the system in your plant will be handled by an individual Technical Supervisor, and we will adapt the machines to your needs and preferences and the specifics of your business. Feel free to contact our specialists!


Why should you work with us?

The combination of a industrial vending machine with an integrated distribution system (IDS application),

allows for a more efficient management of warehouse management, as well as the company's processes.

Warehouse under control

Reduce warehouse inventory and closely monitor product flows

up to 50% Savings

With full control of downloads and the ability to set limits separately for each employee

dedicated ids application

Integrated vending machine management system, accessible to the authorized user from anywhere, from any device with Internet access

authorised service

In case of failure, service is provided in max. 12 hours from the time the need for repair is identified (in selected European countries)

Instant reports

Ability to create statements useful for the purchasing department, health and safety, controlling and accounting departments

24/7 access

Issuing products regardless of warehouse hours

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Combination of a dispensing machine with an integrated distribution system (IDS application),

allows for more efficient management of warehouse management, as well as the processes taking place in the company

Frequently asked questions

What is card reading?
The card readout is the universal identification number of a given card, based on it a unique user can be identified.
Where or from where can I obtain a card reading?
The reading can be obtained in two ways: 1) it is printed on the card 2) you scan the card on the reader, then check the reading of the given ID number in the system.
Is it possible to veneer or paint an automatic?
Yes, you can. It is possible to fully personalize in terms of painting as well as wrapping the vending machine.
Can my logo appear on the display?
Yes, we will display your logo on the main screen.
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